Think what to share on the network: the web of our traces

The Internet has become part of our life. He made the world less and more accessible, but in this world it is now easy to find even that you would not like to show. What are the dangers of a worldwide web?

The network is often called an ocean, through the waves of which we glide, light and free, as if this space outside the “real” life. The image is beautiful, but not too true.

The Internet is a new world, a new light, the appearance of which has become even more important than the discovery of America. This is a world without territories, and in addition it is near us. The sudden expansion of the sphere of our existence establishes for us a different way of communication with others, a different way to invent our life – and this shock is very significant.

New World, which is not always virtual, contrary to what we often say. Because, as soon as we exchange information, we establish relationships, attach to people who soon become neighboring for us, or even relatives.

A loved one online is a curious character of our deprived of the guidelines of our time, a character to whom we can say everything and show everything to ourselves. But the network inspires anxiety (piracy, digital trace), it is even a little afraid.

But as soon as the user enters the Internet, he instantly forgets that the network is huge and its memory is deep. As if he had started his own little world there, his shelters, his paths.

This world is psychologically pleasant (after all, under the slightest problem, you can immediately disconnect), in it a person feels safe. He is not aware of what part of himself he leaves there in reality. Not only “personal data” that they often talk and write about, defending the right to the secret of private life, but really part of their personality, more and more important

. After all, we recognize and perceive the other in five seconds for those several “hangers” that he left in a chit.

The problem is that we have many lives inside one, that we are multifaceted, that we are constantly changing. And the lesh on the network refers to a certain context, to one of the many points, which, perhaps, has long forgotten or would like to forget. But, alas, he remembers something!

Moreover, she has an unpleasant property of getting the most shameful episodes (each has their own moments), which are displayed for public display, you only have to become interested in Mr. N and gain his name and surname in the search system to find out whohe actually.

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